False Gossip

Jan 4

Not judie foster or Hellen hunt or the other one it’s holly hunter I think my sister said she punched her I don’t know who to beliebe

its chrismas an that always makes me teary but this year it is tough bc as a ceo i find that end of year getting sorted takes so much time when i want to be with my family well ashton kuutchar was jes bouncin on my trampoline with the kids an myw ife calld all freakin out like she won the laottery so now i feel sad bc hes bein a better dad to my kids an all right now thanks hunny

who new that shakile o kneel was so nice as to help me wax my mustang this morn wen i was inside gettin sum ice tee he jes showed up an helped thx shak i nevr liked you in bball but you aiiite

whan im sad i listn to maria carrey bc she sings so gud and it maks me feel gud to here it ther r worse things like cole in yr stalkin hahaha its so cold tho that cole mite be wut i wan for chrismas or at leas a dad

who els but jony dep could make our small town crazy jsut from bein heer with his entroge i meen whow like hes a star times a million even if i don see him on tmz al that much anymor bc like goosling or whatev

every one know that beyonce has a twin sister right because how els did she do that relees this album and b a mom to at the same time as well as make videos for EVRY SONG plus my cus saw her twin eating a whole pie once at a diner so

this one time i saw mley cyris driving aroun are town an she was like standing out the sunroof and singing joy to the world so i posted this bc it is chrismas an all love you mley i hope my dauters turn out like you are an inspration forever

so mom has no idea like never and she was a tthe mall doin shopping for chrismas and than she says merry chrismas to this guy and its robyn wilams from the tv but he was dresed as sanda she said what and he said its comunity service mom gave him five bucks and now they talk ovr skipe

i sware i saw that guy that was leve it to bever but then my frend sed no its kevan baycun

wen i was at in n out jenfer lawerance was ther two an she winkd and they closed the restrant so she an her frends cud eat ther an we had to like leave and stuff #hungrgams

can beleev it but chanung taytam jus washd r car. he an a fren wer like on the corner in west bev and he even askd her 4 her number like wut?

i think bil muray is stand up guy bc he just showed up one night at our house an did the dishes then tuck the kids in bed and poured us some wine that he brought then he closed the door but on his way out said be sure to lock up after i’m gone love you bill

k kardassin bout like 4 turkees from us and her credit cards wernt working so then she goes away and 3 hrs later comes in with all of the $ in coins and says sry its lundry day

its chrismus and you now wut that mean is alec bladwin cals my mom al drunk an triez to sadews her over th fone huh? like wut wud you wan for chrismus mr bladwin a new mom to fone ok thx buy #nawtee

Sep 4

this last haloween my mama went out as julya robards. everyone was like erin brokavytch an my mama was like hell no pretty woman and then she started to cry. so when i see a julya robards movee on teevee i tear up a bit and change the chanel. where is my ritcherd gear?